Natural Red Catering Vends at Forge Brew Works In Lorton, VA

Forge Brew Works is a great local brewery in Lorton, Virginia that's been brewing great craft beer since 2013.  Nestled in the back of an industrial area, it's definitely a place you seek out...but you'll be glad you did.  Owner and brewmaster Matt Rose is dedicated to small batch beer and does all the brewing.  Matt is a great guy and made it a point to come over for a chat after I got all set up.  It's always good to talk to business owners and entrepreneurs and hear about their challenges and successes!  

I got set up pretty early and was able to relax a bit as some early birds trickled in for a tasty happy hour brew.  As the night progressed more and more craft beer fans started to fill up the joint.  Shortly thereafter, many of my friends and neighbors came to eat, drink, and support NRC..  We had a very steady stream of selling food.  We offered our two specialty barbecue meats, brisket and pork, as well as some typical bar food like nachos and bowls of chili.  

Musician Nick. Coons turned up the night's festivities with some great acoustic guitar playing some classic cover songs.  As the night winded down, it was time for me to stop being jealous watching everyone drinking great beer and grabbed a few of my own.  The Slake IPA was the choice for me for the rest of the night and it was the perfect way to enjoy a successful night.  

Thanks to Matt and Alison and the whole team at Forge for being great hosts.  I can't wait to come back and feed your patrons again!  And special thanks to all of NRC's friends and neighbors who packed the joint and made this event such a success!  Until next time...