Per person Packages

- Apple smoked Pulled Chicken
- Hickory smoked Pulled Pork
- St. Louis cut Pork Ribs (add $1 pp)
- Pecan Smoked Championship Brisket (add $2 pp)

- Hog Apple Baked Beans
- Jenn’s Famous Mac ’N Cheese
- Creamy Cole Slaw
- Roasted Redskin Potatoes with Onion - Seasonal Roasted Vegetables
- Potato Salad
- Spinach or Mixed green Salad
- Green Beans 

Add Ons:
- 2 Liter soda - $4 each
- Canned soda/Bottled water - $1.50 each
- Dessert, cookies (dozen) $12
- Dessert, brownies (dozen) $14
- Chaffer/Sterno kit - $10 each
- Disposable plate/utensil/napkin - $1.00 pp 


One meat, two sides, $10.50 per person

Perfect for an office or small gathering for lunch.  Choose one of our signature southern slow smoked meats and two tasty sides to round out the perfect meal.  We'll throw in the buns and sauce.  See above for add-ons to compete your meal with drinks and dessert!  We'll come and set it all up for you, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!  


Two meat, two sides, $12.50 per person

Our two meat, two side meal is a great choice for sampling your favorite two barbecue meats and complimenting your meal with two tasty side dishes!  Ideal for a robust lunch or even dinner, the "Two and two," as Chuck Woolery used to say, is a perfect option for your guests.  Your meal comes with buns and sauce and drink and dessert can be added to round out a fantastic meal! 


Three meat, three sides, $14.50 per person

If you've got a feed a hungry barbecue lovin' crowd, there's no better option.  Sample three of our classic slow smoked southern meats and three side dishes from our stable of great sides and sit back and listen to the compliments come in as you've ordered the most amazing feast for your co-workers or party guests!  A little something for everybody, this option is sure to please and tickle everyone's tastebuds.  As with all of our per person packages, buns and sauce are included and drinks and desserts can be added for a low price.  And here's a little secret...if you order this package, there's often some left over for you, the host...but your guests don't have to know and we won't tell 'em!