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Authentic Slow Smoked BBQ Catering


No matter the size or type of your event we have a catering package for you.  We proudly serve the best, most authentic slow smoked southern barbecue in Northern Virginia and the entire Washington DC metro area and have the awards to prove it.  But you be the judge...hire us and you and your guests will be blown away...guaranteed!


Per person Packages

Make your life easy, avoid the guesswork and delight your guests by selecting one of our per-person packages. Just tell us the number of people you're expecting and the right package for their appetites... up to three of our delicious slow smoked meets and famous sides.


large party MEnu – Order by the tray

Hosting a larger group? You might prefer to order the following by the tray.

Our specialty – slow smoked meat.  Central Texas style brisket with burnt ends that melt in your mouth, Carolina style pulled pork, St. Louis style ribs, Eastern Maryland smoked chicken and more. We'll satisfy any meat lover's palate...guaranteed!

Appetizers including fruit platters, veggie platters, cheese and cracker trays, or a just a pile of delicious moink balls set the tone for a tasty voyage for your party. Appetizer trays keep your guests' hunger at bay before the main course is served! 

Sides... including our legendary Mac 'n Cheese and Hog Apple Baked Beans, tangy slaw with that Carolina vinegar influence, potato salad just like momma's summertime masterpiece and roasted potatoes and roasted seasonal veggies.



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Great BBQ Takes Time

So Did Natural Red Catering

Catering isn't the start of our BBQ journey, it's more like the end – the culmination of a lifetime of passion and years of experience. Learn more about how we're becoming the best BBQ caterers in northern Virginia.


Have A Question About BBQ Catering For Your Event?

Your event is important and you likely have questions. Fortunately, we have answers!  How many can you serve?  How much notice do you need?  How much should I order?  Click below and learn all you need to know about Natural Red Catering! 



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