What’s the minimum and maximum number of people you cook for? 
We can accommodate from 2 to 500+ guests.  Having a small dinner party or just don’t want to cook?  Shoot us an email or give us a call, we can often accommodate even the smallest of requests.  Planning a wedding for 250 or more?  We’ve done ‘em and with great success.  Let me put you in touch with our former wedding customers.  Hosting a military retirement or promotion party, a birthday fiesta, a sports team banquet, church luncheon, holiday party, off-site tailgate in the parking lot of a major sports stadium?  We've done 'em all and can do it for you!  Let us do all the work.  Sit back and enjoy your own party! 


How much notice do I need to give for catering? 
The more time the better for planning purposes, but we can usually accommodate last minute requests in as little as 12 hours. We're very flexible and can do lunches or dinner parties often on a whim!  Keep in mind good southern slow smoked barbecue takes time to "get happy," we like to say, so we’d prefer at least 24 hours notice if possible. 

How much should I order?
You may be serving all hungry adults, or mostly toddlers at a birthday party...or perhaps a mix of adults and children.  Our "Per person packages and "Order by the tray" menus are here for a guideline, but give us a call at 703-407-5452.  We've done this a long time and have the experience to guide you through exactly how much to order, so you don't run out or get left with a fridge full of leftovers...well, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? 

How far do you go to cater your delicious barbecue? 
We typically service most of Northern Virginia, and delivery is free within 15 miles of West Springfield (22152), but we’ll go to many parts of Maryland and Washington DC for a nominal delivery fee, just ask.  You buy, we’ll fly! 


How long have you been in business? 
We’ve been catering barbecue and doing all sized events part-time since 2012.  In that time, we’ve developed a pretty broad customer base mostly by word of mouth only.  In November of 2017, we decided to make this a full time gig!  It’s exciting and we look forward to meeting more and more new customers as we grow our business.  Please check out our reviews
here and see what customers are saying about us…it’s still makes us blush! 

Do your rubs or sauces contain gluten? 
They do not.  Neither does the meat.  But some of our sides do, just ask.  


What kind of equipment do you smoke your meats on and what’s the fuel source? 
Cars run on gas and electric, smokers should not!  We burn only natural lump charcoal or briquettes made from hard woods and add  wood chunks for flavor.  It’s the only way to get that true slow smoked wood taste laid down on the meat.  We use two Big Green Eggs as well as two Backwoods Smokers cabinet style water cookers to cook all the meat.  These are both well built, well insulated smoker brands, tops for smoking meats for hours on end.  

Do you teach outdoor cooking or how to slow smoke barbecue? 
This is something I’ve been asked several times and am looking to possibly do in the future in West Springfield, Virginia.  If you’re interested, send an email to and let me know and I’ll add you to the list. The class would focus on grilling and smoking basics for beginners to intermediate backyard cooks.  I'll teach you proven methods that will up your game, have your family begging for you to fire up the cooker, and be the envy of your neighbors! 

What about sauce? 
I have one kind of sauce.  It’s well balanced and hits on all the major areas that compliment good barbecue.  It’s a little sweet, a little tangy, with just a touch of backend heat.  Sauce should compliment the meat but not stand out or overpower this creation which took several hours to smoke with natural wood flavor.  Many say our barbecue doesn’t need any sauce and it’s a sin to apply it, but it’s a mighty fine sauce and I think it’s ok…in moderation of course!


What wood species do you smoke your barbecue with? 
I prefer fruit woods like peach, cherry, and apple.  I’m also a big fan of pecan.  Hickory smoke is good on big meats like pork butt or brisket.  I generally purchase what’s available and at a good price, but it’s always from the ones listed here.