Robinson High School

NRC Caters Robinson High School Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremony in Fairfax, Virginia

Natural Red Catering had the distinct pleasure of catering the Robinson High School Hall of Fame inductee ceremony in Fairfax, Virginia.  As with most of our event work, this one was also referred to us by a former customer and member of this booster club that puts this event on.  We’re so humbled when previous customers were so satisfied with our food and service that they would grant us the biggest compliment I believe there is and that’s to give NRC a glowing endorsement and encourage another group to hire us to cater their event.  

This would be our first time going through an RFP process for getting a job, but we felt simply that if we were true to ourselves, thorough in our bid and open with setting expectations, that we would come across as genuine and be selected.  In today’s culture of hiring small local businesses, we felt this too gave us an advantage.  

This would be an extensive affair as the order called for three of our mouth watering smoked barbecue meats, including crowd favorites, brisket and ribs! Mac ’n cheese, hog apple baked beans, and Jennifer’s delicious spinach salad with strawberries, walnuts, and feta cheese rounded out the dinner portion of the event.  Prior to dinner service, guests were treated to tasty and eye appealing appetizer trays including a fruit, veggie, and cheese/cracker platter that satisfied even the toughest of critics.  To top off the appetizer table was our yummy moink balls (smoked bacon wrapped meatballs), which always go quick, no matter how many are ordered!

After the food service was the Hall of Fame ceremony.  Congratulations to all of the Robinson High School athletes that were inducted and thanks to the boosters for letting Natural Red Catering feed this special group our delicious barbecue! 

Here’s a quick video showcasing our offerings,