Natural Red Catering Feeds the Hayfield Secondary School Cheerleaders in Alexandria, Virginia

One thing I think is really cool about some of the events we get to cater is getting to some of the high schools in the area and getting to meet student athletes.  Jenn and I were both athletes in high school in Northern Virginia so we know these schools and played many of these schools in our hay day!  But being able to feed the Hayfield Secondary School cheerleaders was especially  cool because we got to return to where we met and began a relationship in 1989 that would continue to this day currently in our 20th year of marriage…how cool, right?

Thanks so much to Theresa Kelly Hayman who Jenn and I were both friends with in high school and is still at Hayfield in the Athletics department and runs the cheerleading program.  Like so many of our bookings, Theresa had heard from several sources that our barbecue was delicious and hired us!  Being fully operation as an LLC with our business tax ID made the process super easy and put us in the Fairfax County system to be able to cater county-wide for any event. 

The crowd of high school cheerleaders and their families seemed to really, really enjoy the food!  We got lots of compliments throughout the night.  And as if often the case, a few parents came up to us asking about doing some corporate events for their companies and took business cards with the promise of getting back in touch with us soon!  That’s what’s so cool about our growing business, is that so much of it is organic and word of mouth and repeat business…the ultimate compliment!  Check out a quick video here of the food just before serving, 


And yes, after packing up our equipment, Jenn and I took a quick stroll down the halls and reminisced about the good ‘ole days!  

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