The Secret To Our Deep Flavor Revealed!

You may have noticed, Natural Red Catering puts a lot of thought into our recipes and the food we make for our clients.  We put a lot of care into our appetizers and sides dishes and put our unique spin on each and every dish.  Our meats are hand selected, locally sourced, and the wood that flavors them is carefully chosen.  But perhaps our most influential attribute to flavoring our delicious smoked meats are the seasonings we put on them prior to hitting the cooker.  Now most pitmasters are slow to reveal the rubs and sauces they use to flavor their meat.  We’re proud to let everyone know that we exclusively use Dizzy Pig seasonings on all of our catering meats.  

Dizzy Pig is a local seasoning manufacturer in Manassas, Virginia that’s been making rubs since 2002.  Owner Chris Capell has been blending whole spices and herbs and grinding them right before they’re bottled to ensure that you’re getting the freshest and highest quality possible in a seasoning.  Dizzy Pig now boasts over 20 unique blends to flavor anything from popcorn and ice cream to brisket and pancakes!  That’s just it, Dizzy Pig has a flavor to enhance any type or style of cooking.  Dizzy Pig is a full service barbecue grill store too, stocking everything you need to be the grillmaster on your block.  Dizzy Pig does classes and events too. In fact, Natural Red Catering will be cooking at DizzyFest May 5th at Dizzy Pig Headquarters in Manassas!  Check them out at and tell 'em Natural Red sent you! . 

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